"Cooking is my passion“ - Star Chef Karl-Emil Kuntz

Every since Karl-Emil Kuntz attracted the attention of gourmet critics, the "Krone" has enriched its reputation with a Michelin star, a Varta toque blanche (chef's hat) and 18 Gault Millau points. Maître Kuntz ascended to the Olympus of chefs in 1994. The "Aral-Schlemmer-Atlas" awarded him five cooking ladles, raising the kitchen of the Gourmet Restaurant to the exclusive ranks of Germany's top establishments.

The Gault Millau lauded him as follows: "He demonstrates the impressive perfection of his craftsmanship day after day in the Gourmet Restaurant, along with his creative sense for high-quality products, a talent he is continually honing." And the editors of Der Feinschmecker attested that the cuisine artist creates "little culinary works of art" in a grand portrait.

His motto: Keep on moving. This is reflected in his career. Apprenticeship as a confectioner, chef saucier, chef tournant, chef rotisseur - and now Chef de Cuisine. His enormous commitment pays homage to traditions, and he adorns old-established, classical delicacies in a new contemporary garb. At the same time, he never loses sight of the lifestyle and appetite that defines the Palatinate. He can conjure up 30 delicacies in a single menu, varied in their composition and unmistakeably suited to the time of year. A single cue is usually enough to draw forth ravishing series of culinary treats from this master of his art.

But Karl-Emil Kuntz is no unapproachable culinary artist. The family man places the highest of priorities on a close personal contact with his guests, employees or suppliers. It is therefore no surprise that gourmets, hotel guests, local people from Herxheim and daytrippers are united in their enthusiasm for the Krone. And Kuntz - at all time the perfectionist - continually strives to improve himself.

To compensate, he runs marathons, and formula 1 and fast cars are also among his passions. Power and endurance therefore define this son of the Palatinate who ventures forth to conquer the Olympus of cooking.

  • Krone Restaurant
  • 18 Punkte Gault Millau1 Michelin Stern4F Der Feinschmecker4,5 Kochlöffel Aral Schlemmer Atlas
  • Gourmet ResidenzenJeunes Restaurateurs
  • Pfälzer Stuben
  • 16 Punkte Gault Millau3 Kochlöffel Aral Schlemmer AtlasMichelin Bib Gourmand



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