Relaxation for body and mind

We offer in addition to our extensive spa area a wide range of different massages and spa packages. Discover our offers and let us pamper you.

Please reserve your personal massage in advance of your arrival.

Our individual massage treatments

Classic full body massage
50 Min. 60,- €
The full body massage releases muscular tension from head to toe and promotes blood circulation and regeneration for the whole body.

Full body aroma massage
50 Min. 65,- €
A massage with individually selected aromatic oils alleviates fatigue and tension creating a new energy flow throughout your whole body.

Alpine herbal stamp massage
50 Min. 70,- €
Fragrant, warm herbs in linen punches act by means of a targeted massage technique relaxing and improves circulation.

Aromatic candle oil massage
50 min. 70,- €
Soothing primrose oils dissolve deep-seated tensions and bring about deep heating in the tissue.

Hot stone massage
60 Min. 80,- €
Deeply relaxing full body massage with hot stones. A pleasure for body and soul.

Foot reflexology
50 Min. 65,- €
By using special pressure point massage techniques the body's healing powers can be activated and so symptoms can be alleviated.

Our spa packages for every season


Relaxation and purification for the whole body
30 min full body bodyscrub: peeling with sea salt and precious essential oils
60 min full body massage with primrose oil for especially soft skin
30 min anti-ageing body wrap
A soothing relief for the whole body

Total package 120 min 109 Euro


30 min foot reflexology massage
30 min hot "hand paraffin oil" scented treatment pack

30 min deeply relaxing neck and shoulder massage with aromatic oils
30 min facial and head massage with luxury skin-toning products

Total package 120 min 109 Euro


30 min full body scrub with sea salt and rose oil
30 min rose oil pack with facial massage
60 min full body massage with hot herbal stamp
A relief for tight muscles

Total package 120 min 129 Euro

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Time-out from daily routine


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